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We Guarantee Success to Students & Employers

Guaranteed Tech Academy Inc. was started by an actual trades person who started his career in the trades at the age of 14 years old working with his father. After going as far as he could working for other companies he moved to New Brunswick at the age of 28 for a better life for his family. With very little, but hard work, he built the largest residential service company in the capital city and has managed to survive and navigate through two major downturns in the economy; coming out stronger each time.

Having dealt hands on with students that were coming out of other trades colleges in the province with very little experience and seeing the lack of quality licensed professionals available in the market after 15 years; the idea was born to raise the bar in the industry. Connecting both the college and the company to produce the best quality highly trained tech’s that would be ready for action with guaranteed success. Giving them the first hand, live experience, and easy to understand classroom training they would learn at Guaranteed Tech Academy Inc.

With the strict qualifying criteria to join Guaranteed Tech Academy, and the real-world experience; it was easy to back this name with the guarantees to both students and employers.

We promise success to both our students and their employers as it states right under our logo; “We Guarantee Success to Students & Employers”

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